City Yoga has arrived!

Ocean Gate Plaza is pleased to have City Yoga join the diverse group of businesses at 511 Congress Street. To contact City Yoga for services and questions, please see our business directory.

Energetically, yoga is a diverse practice that can travel many paths. Choosing just one path or yoga style is to limit oneself to the possibilities offered in yoga. Taking a chance at change is a courageous act. Proprietor Dana has found finding the balance by having fun (yang), in the asana practice and serenity (Yin), in the meditation/shivasana. The voice of City Yoga is that of intelligence, wisdom and humor. We hope you will be inspired.

City Yoga instructors know the art of adjusting poses. Dana firmly believes adjustment by a skilled teacher is essential. Most classes also include some pranayama (breath work) to clear and balance energy. City Yoga employs instructors who have found and embraced their own voices, not just one yoga style. This ensures teachers and students grow through change and variety.